Mullins Aviation Inc.

Mullins Aviation is based on the airfield and offers airframe and powerplant maintenance services to all piston aircraft types. For maintenance inquiries contact: Clyde Mullins (937)546-0029, Cale Newman (423)920-3654, or Chris Cook (423)887-4979.

Monroe County Flyers and Sales

MCFS is a Part 61 flight school operation that also offers aircraft rentals, checkouts, flight reviews, and recurrent training. For MCFS inquires and current rental rates contact: Bob Mundle (715)222-4366) or Chris Cook (423)887-4979. Current rental planes available: Cessna 172D, Cherokee 180, ’57 Bonanza-H.

Flight Instructors

Bob Mundle (715)222-4366

John Sherrill (404)844-8565

Bill Tolman (865)363-9060

Garrison Cabe (865)414-1270

George Gillett (423)244-4412

Dave Craig (865)208-7801